1. http://sograph.deviantart.com/gallery/26477208/culture-in-bulgaria-today



    Hi stephen,
    I´m going to Write you later – just in a hurra now…

    Great Side yours! fantastic relations that you set between Single phenomens and historical and cultural streams …
    really professional, I´m grad to have found you here…

    best regards


    • Thanks for the comment. I look forward to receiving your email. By the way, I very much enjoyed your photo series on Sofia’s junction box art and sidewalk-level basement shops.

      • Hi stephen, thanks to your article and to the pictures of sdravko donchev (urbex.bg) I just came back from my this-year-bulgaria-journey including the visit of ovzha kupel old bath in sofia from inside. really great! he director of the hospital was very friendly and I could take a whole day insode to talke my pictures intended. now I hav a lot of work here – somewhen i will publish the pictures I took. In he meantime I´m lopoking forward to your new artilcles …. best regards, leo s

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