SL self portrait 94-2

Self-Portrait With Rolleiflex Tessar, 1995. Me, as I once was and (sometimes) still feel. (Tripod-mounted Nikon F3 with Nikkor 105mm f2.5). Click to enlarge.


Me, the short version:

I work, read, watch, listen, synthesize, reflect, articulate, and try to give back as much as I can. I was born in the Bronx, grew up in lower Manhattan, and moved to Brooklyn before it was “hip.”

In between and since, I have worked throughout much of Western and Eastern Europe, and parts of Asia and the Near East, in sectors including academic research, the arts, communications, engineering and construction, the financial sector, municipal and regional development, telecommunications and the internet, and other fields..

Me, a longer version (in lieu of my website, which is currently offline):


Trained expert in urban and regional policy and processes.

– Consultant, problem-solver, and advisor/coach serving individuals, institutions, and companies.

– Specialist in communications, knowledge management, and organizational change, and in the writing and management of proposals for projects in diverse sectors.

– Advisor on organization and content for art, historical, and urbanism projects.

– Occasional (and sometimes grant-winning) writer, researcher, and photographer.


BA and one-time doctoral fellow in philosophy.

– MA in urban affairs and public policy analysis.

– Ex-Wm. J. Fulbright Scholar in the history of art and architecture.

(Relatively) recent clients:

– Individual practitioners in fields including human resources, consultancy and coaching, and medicine, TR.

– Municipal agencies and architectural, urban design, and engineering firms, NYC.

–  Cultural and research institutions, F, NL, TR, USA;

– Telecommunications operators and service-providers, CH, CZ, NL, TR, and UK; and

– Infrastructure- and public-sector-finance- related agencies, EU.

Long(er)-ago clients:

– Leading engineering and construction companies, NL, D, F, UK, USA;

– Major accountancy and consultancy firms, NL, USA;  and

– Public and commercial broadcasters and documentary and promotional film studios, F, NL, USA.

Recent research interests:


– Making tacit knowledge explicit: Applying the epistemological observations of Michael Polanyi to the organizational, developmental, and communications needs of companies, institutions, and individuals.

– Capitalizing on negatives: Applying the developmental economic approaches of Albert O. Hirschman to crises and dilemmas faced by geopolitical entities, organizations, and individuals.


– The intentionality of cities: Individual trajectories and the social and physical shapes of urban agglomerations.  Case: Sofia, Bulgaria, from core to periphery; the effects of the implementation of an underground metro system cutting across traditional transportation routes.

– The social nature of infrastructure: The decline of urban collectivist ethos and disinvestment in infrastructure in the post-communist period and the era of neoliberalism.

– Origins, implementation, and contemporary relevance of the social housing and spatial policies of “Red Vienna,” 1919-1934.

Sociological and ethnographic

– The contemporary relevance of Paul Lazarsfeld’s, Marie Jahoda’s, and Hans Zeisel’s classic early-1930s study of the social and psychological effects of long-term unemployment at the Austrian mill town of Marienthal.

Sample past research projects:

– Research and documentation pertaining to the immigrant heritage, history, and contemporary transformation of Allen Street, a major thoroughfare and axis on Manhattans’s Lower East Side, and the identification of architectural monuments relevant thereto. (On behalf of the Department of Parks and Recreation, City of New York).

– Field research and written and photographic documentation of architectural and spatial heritage relevant to the histories and identities of Sunni Muslims, Alevis, Protestant Christians, and Roma (Gypsies) within the boundaries of the present-day Republic of Bulgaria; identification of monuments worthy of conservation and restoration subsidies.(On behalf of a commission of the United States Congress).

– Field research documenting the architectural and infrastructural patrimony of the former Ottoman Empire within the present-day Republic of Bulgaria. (Financed by a research fellowship and follow-up grant from the William J. Fulbright Foundation).

– Research for documentary film and television programs on the history of art, religion, and ethnic minorities.

For more information about my work experience, availability, and/or about what I think, read about, photograph, and, at times, even do, write to me at: Bubkes.Org@Gmail.Com

Me as I cannot deny being, 2016. Photo by Lena Marinova, scan of b/w negative (Ilford HP5 at 400ISO), taken with a Nikon F2A and the very same 105mm f2.5 as used in the photo above.

Me as I now am and (more often than not) feel. Photo by Lena Marinova, 2016.  JPEG scan of b/w negative (Ilford HP5 at 400ISO) taken with a Nikon F2A and the very same 105mm f2.5 lens as used 21 years ago for the photo at the top of this page.


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