SL self portrait 94-2

Me, in my prime: Self-Portrait holding a Rolleiflex and tripod, Den Haag, NL, 1995 

Me, the short version:

I work, read, watch, listen, reflect, synthesize, articulate, and try to give back as much as I can.

I was born in the Bronx, grew up in lower Manhattan, and moved to Brooklyn before it was “hip.” 

In between and since, I’ve worked in the private and public sectors throughout much of Western and Eastern Europe, parts of Asia and the Near East, and, periodically, even in New York, researching, writing, advising, coaching, (interim- and project-) managing, etc., in fields including: urbanism and infrastructure, telecommunications and the internet, individual and organizational communications, historical preservation, and film and broadcasting.

Among my more memorable experiences: A series of grants and assignments that enabled me to do several rounds of architectural- and urban-historical field work in Southeast Europe. 

A recent and unexpectedly touching experience: A part-time stint in my native city teaching kindergarten and pre-kindergarten in an immigrant neighborhood similar in some ways to the one that shaped me. 

Among my current interests: Case studies in memory, infrastructure, and public housing in four metropolises; a reconsideration of a near-forgotten early-1930s Viennese study of the social and psychological effects of long-term unemployment; and regular evening swims and/or long waterfront walks at the urban edge.


Me, somewhat after my prime: Holding forth with my head in the clouds, Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, 2018. Photo by James Harris, taken with a Rolleiflex and tripod

For more about what I think, read, photograph, and sometimes even do, contact me at: Bubkes.Org@Gmail.Com

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